music for two percussionists and five suitcases

a project by Eric Farber, featuring Dylan Thurston

from our five-part original composition - The Question Concerning Technology


Technē (part 2)


Convenient Consumption (part 3)


Intentional Inefficiency (part 5)



shot by Dani Leventhal

shot by Dani Leventhal

Part found-object sonic sculpture, part new music performance, and part interactive conversation about human relationships with objects, Batterie-en-Valise is currently presenting a suite of five original compositions entitled, “The Question Concerning Technology.”

Five gutted-out vintage suitcases – each housing a quirky collection of curated found objects – transform into a cacophonous jungle gym of repurposed harmonic assemblages and other dangling curiosities.

Inspired by the composer’s own fraught relationship to technology, the music juxtaposes a long history of traditional rhythms with hyper-contemporary breakbeats and object-oriented “samples.”

—For booking please contact Batterie.en.Valise at g mail dot com

shot by Dani Leventhal

shot by Dani Leventhal


The Xylotrunk: - a “marimba” built with 10 different species of wood – showcasing the beauty and melodic versatility of exotic hardwoods – cut to three variations in length: 9″,12″, & 24″.  These are mounted on five independently moving assemblies which fold securely inside of a Reconstruction-era tin paneled trunk.


The Tractor Seat Suitcase: - the handle from a hand-cranked meat grinder plays a melody as it traverses the rungs of an old tractor seat, mounted to the opened lid of an early Abercrombie & Fitch leather-trim suitcase, other percussive goodies are mounted inside, including a creamery bucket and a set of World War II ammo casings.


The Suitcase Drumset:this mid-century fiberboard case with custom-welded support frame, kick pedal attachment, and a set of telescoping legs, forms the base for a network of dangling curiosities, including a brass beer tap and several sets of film reels.


The Red Oak Suitcase: - a collection of found pre-war industrial and domestic objects, nestled inside this gutted-out 70′s clamshell wood frame suitcase.


The Snakeskin Samplecase: - an assortment of copper-alloy bases from turn-of-the-century lamps and sconces are carefully mounted so they remain resonant, and are arranged to play cherubic melodies in a unique musical scale.



Batterie-en-Valise -- March, 2013

Batterie-en-Valise — March, 2013









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